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A New Generation of Day Trading & Do-It-Yourself Investing

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

digital generation

I'll admit, I'm part of gen Y {est. 1990} and darn proud of it!

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However, most of us on the older spectrum of this generation didn't get the proper education on personal finance in grade school.

But! We grew up to be some of the “tech-iest” geeks to learn basic HTML coding by force of nature if we wanted to simply socialize with friends! You may be one of the lucky ones if you got to experience the start of the dot com era during your adolescent years.

hard drives, old computer, cassette tape, cd

The time it took just to connect to the internet to then spend hours behind the screen learning the basic back ends of AOL Instant Messenger and Myspace? Designing your profile, away messages, and statuses were super fun and exciting, but was very time consuming. Smart phones & fintech? Non-existent. IYKYK!

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This is one of the reasons why I consider myself to be very detail oriented and creative based on the emerging internet growth that I grew up with and had to figure out the long way.

Gen Z-ers are super lucky in that there is so much automation and smart knowledge for us embedded into our everyday lives now thanks to history, evolution, & mankind. Man, I wish I had the tools there were today when I was 13 years old because heck, I would've put my technical little brain to work to appreciate money back then!

digital economy graphic

The way I look at it is, today we very well could be in the same entry phase as the late '90s/early 2000s during the dot com era, but this time with AI, automation, and innovation! We are smarter than ever before and capable of more than we think. Technology advances rapidly, and there are pessimists who still think in the dinosaur ages in terms of advancement!

In today's world, anything can happen, as you know by now. Although we can't predict the future, what does a glimpse of it look like to you when you close your eyes? Do you picture fast-flowing futuristic cities with flying cars? Or do you picture us in a recession, or even an apocalypse? That answer, I'll leave up to you!

Day trading can be a game changer if you're precise and attentive! This takes patience and practice. In my posts, I plan to share with you my step-by-step approach to realizing gains in your portfolio to grow your net worth.

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Stay tuned for more!

XO Hope


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