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Unshakably Fabulous

Updated: Jan 27

Bold, fearless, & fabulous.

You might be asking yourself, "who is this narcissist?!", but I actually have sound reason to express those adjectives, I promise!

What if I told you I felt most comfortable being by myself? That I wasn't actually bold, fearless, or confident in public/amongst my loved ones, but only felt comfortable dreaming up the ideas of what I could become in the privacy of my own space? That a wild beast of creativity has been hiding inside this hard shell of a body preventing me from pursuing my dreams for most of my life?

Do I seem less egotistical now? ;)

Over the years, I've become incredibly resilient to challenges, both at work and in my personal life. After rowing upstream for so long, I've learned to accept and shake off what happens to me instead of dwelling on it.

There have been many times where I've honestly hated both myself and my life situation. I didn't understand my true purpose, and I felt overwhelmingly pressured to have everything together in my mid-twenties compared to my peers who also graduated from pharmacy school.

Everything looked good on paper- my degree, my own place, and a highly respected & well-paying job. However, I was hiding and avoiding a lot of my internal conflicts.

Now, this is not a blog post to compare my life struggles with yours, because we're all dealing with our own challenges in different ways! What I mean to say is, those of us who have gone through traumatic situations in our lifetime, will probably come out stronger after battling them.

I truly believe that living in an uncomfortable situation {even while everyone around you is having fun} puts you in a more comfortable place in the long run.

Our hardships don't define us, but they help mold us into the best versions of ourselves once we overcome them.

Having worked for a large corporation most of my life, I've found that no matter how much money you make, if you're not happy with yourself or your surroundings, that money is worthless. Money is carelessly spent on things to give you instant gratification, but that's only temporary.

At the end of the day, are you busting your @$$ for the benefit of your well-being & wealth, or are you still running on the hamster wheel to profit your employer(s)? Your choice, it's up to you!

Once the moment hits you that you've had enough of whatever it may be in life, you will have built up the stamina to stand up for yourself and become more independent.

Hence, that's what puts the unshaken in The Unshaken Female.

Keep on reading my posts for more inspiration!

Yours truly,


The Unshaken Female
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