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Cleaveland In A Day

Driving up from Philly to the next stop on our road trip, Cleveland, Ohio, was a pretty scary drive, considering there were thunderstorms and narrow windy mountain roads all throughout western Pennsylvania!

Nevertheless, as soon as we crossed over the Ohio border the sun started to shine and lush farmland awaited! It really felt like the grass was greener on the other side, awaiting our presence. Seeing the gorgeous open land while cruising down the Ohio Turnpike was really something! I finally started to feel free and far enough away from home in Boston.

Entering Cleveland, the turnpike brings you right into the city, the exit flashing before your eyes! Interestingly, the first set of traffic lights that we came to were not working! Come to find out, the power went out affecting several intersections including the one right off the turnpike!

Ironically, Cleveland is home to the first set of traffic lights in America!

With spacious & very clean streets, it was quite a big intersection to try and guess which car was next up to drive! Being unfamiliar with the roads led me to inch my way to the hotel!

Thankfully, the Kimpton Schofield Hotel was less than a mile from the turnpike and I was relieved to park my car! The valet service is always so welcoming!

Walking into the historic red brick building, the Kimpton Schofield immediately greets you with the cutest cafe, Betts, and it's hot pink neon sign. 😍

I totally indulged in their famous espresso martini as soon as I got settled! My bartender made me feel extra special on my first night in Cleveland and gave me the local scoop!

Of course I couldn't resist an order of their garlic parmesan wings either! Already had a soul connection with the city without even leaving the hotel yet! This cafe is good for brunch, lunch, dinner, & late night bites during your stay!

Although I only stayed in Cleveland for one full day (2 nights) before hitting the road to our next stop, I feel like I truly experienced the heart of Cleveland even with such little that I did!

Note: Check hours of operation before assuming any plans on a weekday in Cleveland! I was there on a Monday a few days before july 4th and many places were closed or had limited hours of operation. I'm sure it changes at different times of the year though!

Neither the narrowed selection of things to do nor the rainy weather ruined my plans to spend hours at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame! Thankfully the museum was open!

This rockin' museum will have you spiraling upwards through 6 floors of an interactive, immersive, and educational music experience. You're immediately greeted with retro cars projecting from the tall glass ceiling!

Let me tell you, rock & roll was never a genre I chose to get into in my days, but realizing how much stemmed from the origin of music makes it all but more interesting.

Of course, rock & roll comes in all shapes & sizes, and whether we liked it or not, it always found a way to surround us!

My parents are long Beatles & Cat Stevens fans, and I love Shania Twain, so naturally I got chills seeing many childhood favorite artists! Even got to love new artists just from hearing their documentaries!

Bedazzled microphones & accessories, rebellous metal and leather clothing were also in showcases, as each floor visited different avenues of rock & roll!

After hours of enriching my knowledge for rock and shopping the massive museum gift stop, I couldn't wait to endulge in a hot dog & a nice cold glass of local beer!

I hunted around on google maps for a brewery, with food, that was open.

Thankfully, I landed at The Noble Beast for an amazing loaded hotdog & Bavarian pretzel (w. cheese sauce). Ah-ma-zing.

This brewery had awesome ambiance, which is a must have for me!

While I didn't cover all that Cleveland has to offer, my one full day there was better than I could have asked for! I cannot wait to go back :)

XO Hope

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